Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

掻揚げ天麩羅 Tempurrra--

I made tempura last weekend at Mr R's place.
先週末 僕は天麩羅を作りました。

kakiage tempura! version Vegan!

掻揚げ天麩羅だ! ベガン バージョンさ!

来ていた友達達は みんな喜んでくれたので、 嬉しかった。 ニャハハ

Everybody who came there were fine with it, then im happy with it!



lets Scatolo out!

super much no related chan!


全然関係無いけど、 このソーセージがあまりにも・・・

le caca suis bon! <- ja?

all photo by hiroko sato-

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Telephatic collaboration 2

そういえばぁー 2days ago また telephatic collaboration しました。
今回はSwedenの Leif Elggren san. only for 3min.

was fun.

also, Im almost finishing to mixing of Mika Vainio san and Sean Booth san's stuff too.

ill writting whats going on with it.

also Leif Elggren san is actually KING san for KREV.

Actually, Im Prince of Osaka for Elgaland Vargaland.
実は,僕はこのエルガランド バルガランド国の 大阪代表 王子です。

hahaha-nn, puripuri pu---n

something short sox = SSS! yeah..

woman's item are always short.. its from Hiroko's foot.

as she said, its japanese girls standard item now day..

i like it a lot,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

from Lausanne

my friend Michel Pennec aka MOJU san and his girl friend Hiroko chan
are visiting to berlin this week.
today we went to drink at Mysliwska .. e? is this right spelling??

今日は友達のミッシェル AKA 盲獣さん とその彼女Hirokoちゃんと Mr RとMr Cとで良く行くバーに行った。

Berlinは夜9時でも明るい。 outside is still lighting as well as 9pm..



Sunday, July 6, 2008


ill stay this room for whole about month over.,
nothing much stuff here, like very light feeling... guess its fine! its remind me school room.. somehow..
この部屋に1ヵ月位住む事になった。。 Its Alex san Lotte chan's house.
何も無い部屋。 良い感じやけどー、体育倉庫の様・。

then, i made one track, as up it

Casually Bronzino san's painting..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Actually., #01

実は、引越ししました! っても隣の地区にですが・・。



ベルリンも大分暑いです、乾燥していますが。 夏やからな。

暑いと なんかやる気が出ないね。 ウザイわ、暑いの。。


Actually I was moving! as next area, Kreuzberg.,

at the moment, im such as homeress chan. ;=) <- this is looks like monky face, right? wow,

also, no photo as no camera, where is it...!,!?



Whats meaning of our existence?

outside are hot, its makes me low tension.,





thanks to helped to moving Mr D and Rashad and Christoph and Stefan, Alex and fabieeeeeen san.


this is not right much text for blog.,. or what.,. what is blog,.,.

wierd, ill try to continue,.

All just likely and unlikely, its nice..